The land on which the Dargahs, a Masjid and a huge commercial complex are situated was the battle field of the Third war of mysore between the armies of HazrathTipu Sultan Shaheed (RA) and the British.

In the army of HazrathTipu Sultan shaheed (RA), there were two Sufi saints namely Hazarath Hameed Shah (RA) and Hazrath Muhib Shah (RA), who valiantly fought the alien power and attained martyrdom defending the motherland.

These two Sufi Saint warriors were laid to rest at the battle field and Dargahs were constructed on their tombs. A Masjid also came up near the Dargah. The land measuring about 4 acres surrounding endowed by HazrathTippu Sultan (RA) for maintenance of Dargahs and Masjid.

Commercial Complex

When the Dargah were under direct management, a commercial complex comprising ground floor & first floor was constructed in 1976 by availing financial assistance from central waqf council, New Delhi, Stone laid by Sri Fakhruddun Ali Ahmed, Ex-President of India, In presence of: Sri Uma Shanker Dixit, Governor, Sri D. DevarajUrs, Chief Minister, Sri S.M Yahya, Minister of Labour & Wakf, Karnataka, latter in the year 2002 second floor was put up on the existing structure, we have 67 shops on the ground floor, 31 offices on first & 55 Shops on second floor, Total 138 number of tenants in our complex we have more essential office like Karnataka Minorities Development corporation, Karnataka wakf Tribunal, District waqf advisory committee, Bangalore urban & rural , many chartered Accountants, Advocates, tours & travel operators, religious & charitable institution.

Administrative Office

The administrative office of the Dargah is located on the First floor of the complex for looking after the day-to-day management and maintaining proper accounts of the revenue of the institutions.

Medi Agrahara Property:

A land measuring 358 acres was allotted to the DargahHazrath Hameed Shah Khadri and HazrathMuhib Shah Khadri(RA) under Inam Abolition Act at MediAgraha Village, YelhankaHobli, Bangalore North Taluk.

Waqf Contributions:

The waqf contribution assessed every year is paid regularly to the Karnataka State Board Of Auqaf.

Leased out properties of HHS & HMS Complex

1. Central Muslim Association (CMA) for running Abbas Khan College.

2. Bhatkal Muslim Jamath for running Muslim Boys Hostel.

1. Central Muslim Association:

The portion of land leased out to Central Muslim Association of Karnataka, the lease agreement is executed by the Karnataka State Board of Auqaf, Bangalore. When the institution was under the direct management of the board and the lease period was fixed for 35 years commencing from 30.10.1985 and the area is around38,750 Sq.ft Central Muslim Association are doing the good job they are providing the education to the girls in the name of Abbas Khan College for Women, Bangalore. It is a long leased property of the HHS & HMS Complex.

2. Bhatkal Muslim Jamath:

The portion of land leased out to Shamshoddin Memorial Site to Bhatkal Muslim Jamath, the total area is around 9450 Sq. ft. leased out to Bhatkal Muslim Jamath by the Karnataka State Board of Auqaf, Bangalore, when the institution was under the direct management of the Board. The lease is for a long period of 50 years from 20.07.1976 and it was executed before the enhancement of Waqf Act 1995. The Bhatkal Muslim Jamath, Bangalore, which is a registered institution doing social services to the Muslim Community.


Empowerment and enlightenment of humanity in terms of Education, Health, charity, Welfare, and extending hands to support community.


Our mission is to provide education, finance assistance for medical, hostel facility for girl’s students, for the betterment of the humanity.